Breaking fears and broadening Horizons

Horizons Mentor Project

‘Breaking Fear’ was the title of the Horizons mentor project outbound activity day. Seven mentees, four volunteer mentors and two youth workers took on a challenge of climbing the highest heights, whilst swinging through the wafting air alongside intricate team competitions at the national scouting headquarters – Gilwell Park.

The activity day was in aid of building the mentee’s confidence, resilience and relationship with their mentors. We can testify by the calibre of activities they embarked upon, that those attributes were definitely developed within every single person who attended!

In the afternoon  the group attempted an activity entitled ‘All Aboard’ (picture A provided below) which involved a 50ft climb; as well as having to fit four group members on a small landing pad and then lean back into mid-air whilst holding onto one another to keep their balance.

One young man was absolutely terrified to attempt the climb and opted out, insisting he would never endeavour to participate in such antics. However after a great deal of encouragement from mentors and peers he decided to face his fears head-on. The young man was then cheered on by the entire crowd as he successfully completed the course; it was a momentous moment for the entire group. This young man is a great example of what can be achieved when we choose to ignore the advice of our fears.

The trip was an amazing success with many of the young people not wanting to return home.

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Horizons is generously funded by BBC Children in Need and John Lyon’s Charity.

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