Housing and support for people facing homelessness

Housing and support for people facing homelessness

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Are you homeless, or at risk of homelessness?

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Annual report: Delivering in 2021

Find out what we did to break the cycle of homelessness in 2021.

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We're calling on councils to include the pandemic as an option on homelessness referral forms to better understand its impact.

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Important links to support and information if you see someone who is homeless or at risk.

Help someone on the street


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Knowing yourself: a story of overcoming from an Evolve service-user and volunteer

Please note that this account mentions thoughts about suicide and depression. “I was facing rejection after rejection. That’s a hard...


A painting by Mylene. "Painting and depression don't go together."

“It’s like they don’t go together.” On painting and depression

A perspective from a former Evolve resident, Mylène. Recently somebody asked me to paint 20 greetings cards for them. This...


The cost of living and homelessness: there is no quick fix

The cost of living crisis poses a real danger to many, but we must remember that there is no single...


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