Find out more about sharing your home with a 16-17 year old, who can’t live at home.


of customers secured more settled accommodation


of customers gained greater independence


of customers participated in education and training

Community hosts are local families, couples, or individuals who open their homes to provide a safe and friendly environment for young people at risk of becoming homeless. Young people are unable to live at home for several reasons including family breakdown, complications with a parent’s health, and risk of abuse.

community host scheme

Together with our hosts, we support young people to identify their existing strengths and abilities so they can achieve their goals, aspirations and reach their full potential by developing new skills and accessing opportunities including education, training, and employment. This enables young people to engage in developing life and independent living capabilities including building self esteem, fostering positive relationships, cooking, budgeting and maximising income, in a family environment. For more information on the scheme and how you can become a host, see the service leaflet.

If you are successful in becoming a community host, you will receive full training before you are introduced to a young person who is a part of the scheme. Hosts and young people then decide whether they are happy to go ahead and will be supported throughout by our team, based at King George’s House, with any queries or issues.

We are always looking for passionate and optimistic people to open their homes to young people. If you are interested in being a host, contact the team at To read more about this scheme, please see our news story.

Marguerita, my host, is a lovely lady. She’s very understanding, calm and caring. She doesn’t just give me a room, she makes me feel like family. She’s another mum to me.

Ava, supported by a Community Host in 2014

*of those who left the service and needed support in this area.