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We are looking for creative and optimistic people to support our customers and our work.

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Bucket Collections Volunteer

Closing dateTBC

We have a fantastic opportunity for individuals to get involved with raising money for vulnerable homeless people in London.

As a collection volunteer you will be supporting the fundraising team to not only raise money but also raise awareness about our services across London. You will have the opportunity to collect at various locations across London Boroughs.

As part of the team you will be able to choose a location and a time slot, where you will have the chance to encourage the community to donate to us using the collection materials provided.

How much time will you need to give?

Generally we would require you to fill a two  hour slot. If you are not able to commit to the full two hours, other arrangements can be discussed. More information on timings will be provided prior to the event taking place to give you time to decide what time you can donate to us.

You can collect and fundraise with us as a one off experience or you can be a part of the team on a regular basis. If you would like to be a regular volunteer, we can add you to our database of volunteers and keep you updated with events that are happening throughout the year that you can get involved with.

Is this the role for you?

You don’t need any specific qualifications to volunteer with us however, this role will be ideal for you if you are happy and confident to chat to people in the community, are passionate about raising money and awareness for people who are experiencing homelessness and are keen to help fundraise in either in your local area or across London Boroughs.

What support will you get?

When volunteering with us you will become a part of our vibrant and dynamic team where you will receive ongoing support from our fundraisers and Volunteer Advisor throughout your time with us to ensure that you are getting the most out of your experience!


Location South London

Salary Voluntary

Support our Entrepreneurship programme

Closing dateTBC

We are looking for business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who can be:

  • Mentors – Time commitments range from assisting the development of a single students business plan idea, to mentoring them weekly for up to 8 weeks. This can be at any point during the process.


  • Course trainers – Experts in any area of business or entrepreneurship would be welcome to help deliver a session, or give a workshop for 30mins on their expertise


  • Provide work placements – Help a student learn through experience, by inviting them to shadow you, or someone in your company for a day


Sponsored by Centrale shopping centre, the course begins on February 19th

All Sessions will be run in Alexandra House boardroom, 32 Dingwall road, Croydon.


More about the course

The aim of the course is to inspire the students to think different, think big and think bold about what they can achieve in life. It will provide the students with an accredited Certificate in Entrepreneurship and the development of their own business plan. At the start of the course and throughout each week, real life challenges will be set for the student to work through. This begins on day one and will involve the student becoming CEO of a made up small business that has been failing for some time.


As CEO, the student will be responsible for identifying its failings and working to turn it around. Through the duration of the course, Industry experts and in-house trainers will work with the students to guide them through each challenge. Each session will consist of two parts, with the first comprising of a workshop led by the guest presenter. The second part will focus on completing the course content and support needed on the student’s own business plan.

Target group:

This course will target existing customers of Evolve Housing + Support, or those who have recently moved on from our services but have expressed an interest in setting up their own business.

January 8th Jan – Advert sent out to customers
January 26th – Closing date for applications
February 19th– Course begins

Entry requirements:

Any customer interested will need to submit a business proposal as part of the application. Staff will work with the customers to help them develop their plan. Once submitted, customers will be invited for an interview before being accepted onto the course.

Course structure:


  • Attend 8 weeks of training for 2 hours each week
  • Customers with an interest in setting up their own business or budding entrepreneurs
  • Minimum of 1 full day for a work placement

These skills will form the foundation of the course and will empower the students to thrive in their chosen career path. Core subjects will include, Branding, Social marketing, Sustainability, Research, Start-up funding and Resilience and are built into a programme around entrepreneurship. All students will be offered opportunities to learn form a skilled mentor and experience work placements that will help in their business start-up.

All Sessions to be run in Alexandra House boardroom, 32 Dingwall road, Croydon. 


Horizon Mentors

Closing dateTBC

We are looking for people that believe in and empower young people with our Solutions Focused Approach. Our organisation values inclusion and we embrace mentors with a range of backgrounds and careers to reflect the diversity of our organisation.

Location Various