Why vote for Evolve

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the final three Citi charities. Please read on to learn more about Evolve and why you should vote for us!


This is David.

He used to be an IT systems engineer. Then he lost everything.

Due to mental health issues David lost his job, his family and his home. Since living at Evolve he has received vital support including in-house counselling. He is now applying for a new job back in IT and hopes to reconnect with his family in the new year.

Citi’s support would help more people like David rebuild their lives and move on back into independence. There are 180,000 homeless people in London today. The average life expectancy of a homeless person is 47 for men and 43 for women compared to the average life expectancy of 84.

80% of homeless people have a mental health issue. Evolve have worked with vulnerable people for over 100 years. We have found that one of the most effective solutions to breaking the cycle of homelessness is psychological intervention and counselling. To this end we provide an in-house counselling and mental wellbeing program.


Why is our work important

The NHS is not able to accommodate for the complex needs of a homeless person;

Homeless people struggle to register with GPs- they are often turned away and can have challenges with ‘proof of address’;

If they do manage to register/ are already registered, the NHS service is too rigid to support them. For example;

  • if you have a mental health issue which has caused an alcohol problem, you will not be referred for counselling until you can stop drinking. Catch 22
  • a homeless person does not have the £1.50 to get the bus to the doctor’s or counselling appointment
  • homeless person leads a chaotic life. It is often unrealistic that they will be able to attend a set, rigid appointment

The counselling waiting list on the NHS is up to 6 months. A homeless person does not have that long to wait.

Why we need your support

70% of our residents who have accessed the counselling service report better mental health and are better able to move on and live independently.

We would like to expand our service to recruit more experienced and qualified counsellors so we can support a further 30% of residents in our services.

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Want to help change homeless people’s lives? Vote Evolve and please urge your colleagues to do the same. Every single vote counts.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Any money raised will make a lasting difference to the lives of homeless people in London.

2. Our program works– we just need responsible investment and support to continue and expand our service

3. We promise you will see the difference you are making to the homeless people of our city and we will provide many opportunities for you to get involved with our work (see below).

Want to help change homeless people’s lives? Vote Evolve and please urge your colleagues to do the same. Every single vote counts.


Tailored fundraising programmes

Get involved with volunteering opportunities

Unlike other charities, we have a genuine need for volunteers. We also need your valuable expertise. Homeless people need support around finance and digital inclusion. By running voluntary workshops such as money management, financial inclusion, digital inclusion, CV writing, giving inspirational ‘Citi’ talks you would be able to transfer invaluable life skills to a homeless person and help them to truly progress.

Through additional effective health and wellbeing workshops, such as running clubs, boxing, cookery, art therapy, yoga, gardening etc. your volunteering on the front-line will be aiding the mental health and wellbeing of homeless people and accelerating their progress and ability to move on and live independently.

Don’t just fund the project. Be in the project- and actively change the lives of homeless people.

Tailored fundraising programmes

We would devise a programme of fundraising opportunities tailored specifically to the interests and culture of Citi employees that genuinely engage and motivate you.

Specific to the finance sector– we will engineer in-house challenges, competitions and sweepstakes that play to your strengths and get the competitive juices flowing. For example;

The £1 challenge- £1 to invest and 2 weeks to invest it. See who is the wisest investor and makes the most.

‘Put up or else’ (ok, this may need senior sign off)- lock up senior members of staff in their respective offices with just their phones, computers and all of their contacts and run a wager on who will raise the highest ransom in 2 hours to be released.

‘Pitch perfect’- 10 nominated competitors take to the floor and have to persuade their customers that their proposed investment opportunity is the best way for them to invest their £100,000. Which investor comes out on top?


Specific for Citi

FUNDRAISING_2016 Tough Mudder 6The Big Citi Walk- a night time fundraiser, walking throughout the city, raising awareness whilst handing out hot drinks, hats and gloves to homeless people on our streets

The Citi Scale- we’re reversing the abseil- instead of heading down, this time we’re moving up!

For the ambitious- anything from a mountain to a marathon we will support you throughout your fundraising to make it as impactful and memorable as possible

For everyone- mix up your half marathons or return of the Royal Parks half; The Big Citi Bake Off- classic and effective; The Big Busk- time to mic drop at the office party and see who reigns supreme on the mic

With our energy, experience and expertise of fundraising we know we could make fundraising genuinely exciting and worth being involved in. Together we can make this charity partnership not only profitable but truly inspiring, motivating and something worth talking about.


Champion our charity! Every single vote counts.

Please urge your colleagues to vote Evolve. The impact of your support would genuinely change the lives of homeless people across our city.

If you would like to champion us we’d love to hear from you. Email Siobhan, our Corporate Fundraising Officer, and she will advise you how best to support our campaign.

This is more than giving a homeless person a roof. This is helping them into an independent fulfilled life and becoming a positive part of our city.

 We would love your additional support.

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