We are continually seeking new partnership opportunities that will make a positive difference to our customers, and will also be beneficial to your organisation.

Our approach to partnership working is flexible and the following initiatives are suggestions that we can develop with you:

Corporate volunteering We offer corporate volunteering opportunities so that your team can use their skills and learn new ones whilst helping to make a lasting difference.

Charity of the Year By selecting us as your charity of the year you will be strengthening your CSR and improving the lives of our customers.

Partner with us Discover new opportunities for your organisation and ours by partnering with us to support customers into independent living.

Please read our article about the Santander Community Day here.

Please read our article about the EY CSR volunteering week here.

Please read our article about a Tough Mudder fundraiser challenge here.

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have other ideas we are open to them.

If you would like to discuss a partnership with us, contact fundraising@evolvehousing.org.uk or call our Head Office on 020 7101 9964.